Johannes Bader

PL & Developer Experience Improver


Gradual Verification of Recursive Heap Data Structures

WGT 2020  –  Jenna Wise, Johannes Bader, Jonathan Aldrich, Éric Tanter, Joshua Sunshine

Getafix: Learning to fix bugs automatically

OOPSLA 2019  –  Johannes Bader, Andrew Scott, Michael Pradel, Satish Chandra

Gradual Program Verification

VMCAI 2018  –  Johannes Bader, Jonathan Aldrich, Éric Tanter

Practical Variable Length Gap Pattern Matching

SEA 2016  –  Johannes Bader, Simon Gog, Matthias Petri

Selection of Spare-Time Projects

Interactive Fractional Derivative Playground

Approximation of Grünwald–Letnikov and Riemann–Liouville


A minimalist PL bootstrapped from the Iota combinator

RollerCoaster Tycoon in the browser

Transpiling OpenRCT2 to JavaScript using Emscripten


LaTeX inference rules from Coq inductive definitions



Software Engineer @ Developer Infrastructure


Open Source Software Engineer @ Developer Division

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Research Assistant @ Institute of Theoretical Informatics

Microsoft Ireland

Software Development Engineer Intern @ Office Marketplace

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Teaching Assistant @ Institute for Anthropomatics & Robotics

    SAP Innovation Center Potsdam

    Software Engineering Intern

      Free University of Berlin

      Intern @ Department of Computer Science